QAI Spectre(tm) Chips/Modules

QAI Spectre(tm) Chips/Modules


More on the QAI Spectre(tm) Chips/Modules to come..

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LARSX SPECTRE(tm) is a new super Turing hardware technology that exceeds 

the capabilities of current digital computation. The two primary focuses 

of SPECTRE are adaptive machine learning, specifically implementing 

machine intuition and orthogonally high performance “green” 

blockchain distributed processing. SPECTRE technology requires analog 

recurrent neural network ASIC hardware technology. However, to get a 

taste of SPECTRE technology capabilities, software simulation is 

available for use and implementation before SPECTRE chips are available. 

These include:

1) SPECTRE algorithms that mimic human intuition. This software 

technology is available now. It does not have the processing 

capabilities of SPECTRE analog ASIC hardware, yet it provides early 

adopters of SPECTRE super Turing processing with the ability to 

experiment with the technology.

2) SPECTRE blockchain green blockchain analog recurrent neural network 

super Turing transaction processing is our first hardware application to 

implement full SPECTRE super Turing computation, which exceeds all 

current digital computation. Blockchain technology is transforming the 

world. IBM has staked their company future on Blockchain in the cloud 

and other Blockchain applications. Integrating Blockchain into your AI 

application for distributed knowledge bases puts you in early adopter 

position to integrate the SPECTRE Blockchain processing technology, 

called Sluice Box.