Annual Membership

Annual Membership


Annual memberships for established AI companies are customized and based on a mix of the offerings below.

STARTUPS, let’s craft a high value arrangement that's affordable out the gate!
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COGNITIVE WORLD is the go-to resource for credible, valuable content and engagement centered on AI transformation. We aim to deliver streamlined value to the dealmakers in AI today. As CogWorld's ecosystem evolves, our member base becomes more comprehensive. There’s a mix of 70+ luminaries and thought leaders, along with AI startups and more established solution providers, management consulting firms, enterprise buyers of all sized organizations, and also the whole support system involved in AI research, education, events, recruitment and more.

Members use the CogWorld platform to self-publish and distribute their C-level+ content, such as articles, videos, case studies, events and much more.

We also offers members opportunities for speaking engagements, panel discussions, etc. with our team of luminaries and thought leaders at events globally.

Our aim is to optimize engagement between dealmakers, so among the many content and event-driven ways we do this, we can also provide warm introductions with targeted enterprise leaders.

Our 3 pillars are our knowledge hub, ecosystem and marketplace. CogWorld’s purpose is to streamline the flow of content, engagement and commerce, to optimize the journey to AI transformation.

We accept no ads, eschew hype, focus on AI that works and when feasible, doesn’t work, and we consistently bring new leaders aboard with the goal to share valuable knowledge and address pain points.
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Event participation

·     CogWorld Dealmaker Events (NYC and Silicon Valley) and TEDx programs

·     CogWorld luminaries and thought leaders to participate at your events

·     Speaker and panelist opportunities with global events CogWorld sponsors

·     Speaker and panelist opportunities with our corporate members’ events

·     Live coverage/feeds

·     CogWorld coverage of your event; coverage of your leadership at other events

Self-publishing of content 

·     Valuable thought leadership-based content, self-published by corporate members

·     C-Level articles, videos, podcasts, etc.

·     Case studies and use cases (more to come on our Case Study Awards program)

·     5 seats

Content creation by CogWorld

·     Ghostwriting

·     Q&As (C-level interviews with our team)

·     Case studies (CogWorld has a consistent format)

·     Customer testimonials

·     All forms of content including articles, video, podcasts, infographics, etc.

Distribution of content

·     Primary social media venues include LinkedIn and Twitter (+ others)

·     Additional media venues (details to come)

·     Association and institute partnerships targeting C-level execs, influencers (details to come)

·     Syndicated content push (from your DynamicHub dashboard)

·     Newsletters to our 20,000+ list

Member’s DynamicHub

·     Your content is showcased dynamically to engage with members

·     Deeper level of content is accessible to select members (may require NDAs)

·     Prime positioning and delivery of select content within the hub

·     Dynamic formation of member networks and content ‘clusters’ (to come with AI)

Targeted customer outreach

·     Targeted outreach via email campaigns to our list of 20k+ (segmented)

·     Warm introductions (we are well-wired, always gaining a pulse on buyer pain points and solid solution provider value)

Marketplace participation

·     Sales of products and services on CogWorld

·     Benefits, discounts, participation opportunities

·     Founding member roles


·     Predictive analytics (scalable and optimized when our self-organizing AI is integrated)

·     Surveys, research and more

·     Data acquisition and provision 

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